Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where I am Today

I typically don’t feel I have anything all that important to say. I try to post as my Heavenly Father leads me, and occasionally post pics or family updates. I have been guilty of airing my laundry from time to time, even though those who constantly do so irritate me.

I don’t have an agenda or a personal ministry to promote. I do not think the world needs my two cents worth to make everything all right. There are already a plethora of people who post teachings and having one more doesn’t really accomplish anything.

I have a ministry. My ministry is my family, my neighbors and my clients I serve 5 days a week.

I have a wife and son who look to me as the spiritual leader of my home. So I try and focus on leading them and encouraging and building them up on a daily basis. That is a very awesome and rewarding full time job.

In addition, I try and help those around me in the non-cyber world, who I have real face time with on a regular basis. My son and I daily feed around 40 senior citizens in our county during the week. These wonderful people are oft times needing someone to listen to them, encourage them and do small things for them as we stop by their homes. This has been an extreme blessing to Zac and I for five years. The pay is pathetic and the hours scarce; but I am at peace. I continue to search for a better paying, full time job all the while knowing that when Abba is done with me in this assignment, He will move me on. So I am at peace with where I am at this time.

It has taken me quite a while to reach this point in life, but I can finally say that I am content. I am happy and grateful for the MANY wonderful things I have been blessed with in life. I spent a large portion of my life dreaming of becoming wealthy, or sad to say, popular on some level. Today I have reached that status in a way I never imagined. The love of my family and friends is a great wealth beyond all I ever dreamed. In addition, a large number of sweet elderly people know my son and I and appreciate what we do for them.

Recently, I was at a Sabbath service with a fairly large sized crowd. A good friend, who is like a younger brother to me, was there and was seated a few rows in front of me. He was going to be teaching later in the service and was going through the mental and internal preparations that only someone who has spoken publically has experienced. At one point in during the worship service, I looked over at him and saw something that flooded my heart with joy. His loving wife was standing next to him as they praised YHWH together and her support and love for her husband was strong and obvious. This is a treasure that cannot be compared to monetary gain.

I have had this type of wife for 25 years and to know that my friend has been blessed in the same manner was better than any lottery payoff or financial gain. I didn’t appreciate or even realize what I had for a great number of years. This ignorance caused me to seek a lie instead of enjoying the true wealth I already had been blessed with.

Having said these things, I must tell you what matters most to me in this life:

I love my Father YHWH with my whole heart. I have a relationship with Him based on two principals.

1. I fear/respect YHWH

2. I keep/guard His commandments.

These two foundational stones have allowed me to know Him in a way I never imagined for 35+ years. If you do not know or understand these principals, dig into the WORD and see how abundant they are throughout Scripture. In embracing these concepts and seeking him with your whole heart, you will develop a love affair with your Creator that will launch you into the Kingdom.

I love my family and desire to serve them daily.

I spent a large portion of my early married life seeing myself as the capstone on a family pyramid. I was absolutely right; I just had it upside down. When I realized that I wasn’t the crown, but the support, my life began to change. My family depends on me as a stabilizing force to hold them up and support them. This means becoming a servant. I don’t seek personal fulfillment, I only want them to be provided for, cared for and loved. This means that Scripture study, prayer and conversation comes before my personal wants. By striving to do this, I am being the man I wa created to be.

I have an awesome ministry.

I am more concerned with having a hands on ministry, that helps others in a real way, than trying to impress fellow believers with my knowledge of Scripture interpretation and the Hebrew language. Doing something for someone and showing them Y’shua is SO much more beneficial than impressing the masses with my vocabulary.

We all pursue and seek our Creator in the way we choose. If we continue to chase after Him, He will lead us to the place we need to be. Keep your eyes on YHWH, do not look to man. If we follow man, they will always lead you into the ditch. Let Abba be your Guide and He will lead you in the Path of Righteousness for His Name’s sake.